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In the face of Sedentary Disease, the #1 killer, #1 cause of pain and suffering, and #1 healthcare cost, and the awful effects of the covid-19 coronavirus with many gym closings and everyone looking for best options to be in good health, SITFIT CHAIR™ is the new “kid on the block.”

Finally, with the arrival of SITFIT CHAIR™, you can own your very own personal total body home gym chair. It is an upright and reclining multi-positional and multi-functional chair that is portable as a backpack and can go with you anywhere and everywhere. SITFIT CHAIR™ is for everyone.

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SITFIT CHAIR™ is working with crowdfund marketing firm Enventys Partners in preparation for our Kickstarter Crowdfund Campaign starting on October 13, 2020.

We're making a pre-crowdfund coming out extravaganza at Fishtails Restaurant and Bar Nite Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on September 8, 2020, 6-10pm. We will be doing a professional video shoot with special spokespersons and demo models David Fabricius (007) and Dara Fischetti (Wonder Woman)

The SITFIT CHAIR™ demonstration will be accompanied by live music from international recording artist Gordon Daniels and the superior musicians of the Global Warming Band. Gordon Daniels - "Soul of Music" - Promo Reel w/ testimonials

You can expect an interactive very entertaining and enjoyable fun time. The entire event will be recorded and broadcast live on the WebinarJam platform. The WebinarJam Registration Link is: MEET SITFIT CHAIR: YOUR PERSONAL HOME GYM CHAIR PRE-CROWDFUND CAMPAIGN

We are pleased to introduce SITFIT CHAIR™, a revolutionary new development in that it is a non-sedentary chair. What sets it apart is that it is lightweight, colorful, comfy, inviting, non-threatening, easy and fun to use, usable in multiple upright and reclining positions, and portable as a backpack. In addition to being a multi-positional and multi-functional chair, SITFIT CHAIR™ affords healthy fluid motion through the core and is a true total body gym allowing ab crunches, low back range of motion and strengthening, and a full complement of arm and leg exercises, all with unlimited incrementally adjustable resistance.

Take it anywhere. Exercise everywhere! Relax in the chair, do your office or school work, have a meal, use your phone, pad, or laptop, or do a selective abs, low back, total core, or extremities workout or a total body workout. You control the intensity of your workout by choosing your desired resistance.

Exercise Everywhere. The portability of SITFIT CHAIR™ allows you to work out in places you couldn’t before. You can use the chair at home, backyard, office, school, gym, camping, sporting events as player or spectator, pool, beach, and more for a total body workout. This totally new and unique personal exercise machine will not only help keep you fit. It will help all of us transition away from the ubiquitous human sedentary lifestyle responsible for premature aging and a variety of epidemic diseases collectively known as Sedentary Disease. SITFIT CHAIR™ may be the long-awaited answer to transform our Sedentary Lifestyle to a Non-Sedentary Active Lifestyle.

SITFIT CHAIR™ is easy and fun to use and is perfect for everyone including seniors and youth, men and women, athletes and couch potatoes, as well as those with physically challenging diseases.

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Introducing SitFit Chair™


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