Health/Wellness/Fitness Enthusiasts, Sports Participants, Beach Goers, and anyone looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle:

about us1We are pleased to introduce SITFIT CHAIR, a revolutionary new development in that it is a non-sedentary chair. What sets it apart is that it is lightweight, colorful, inviting, non-threatening, easy and fun to use, usable in multiple upright and reclining positions, and portable as a backpack. In addition to being a multi-positional and multi-functional chair, SITFIT CHAIR affords healthy fluid motion through the core and is a true total body gym allowing ab crunches, low back range of motion and strengthening, and a full complement of arm and leg exercises, all with incrementally adjustable resistance.

Take it anywhere. Exercise everywhere! Relax in the chair, do your office or school work, have a meal, use your phone, pad, or laptop, or do a selective abs, low back, total core, or extremities workout or a total body workout. You control the intensity of your workout by choosing the desired weight by a combination of slotted bungees and adjustable bungees.

Exercise Everywhere. The portability of SITFIT CHAIR allows you to work out in places you couldn’t before. You can use the chair at home, backyard, office, school, gym, camping, sports games as player and spectator, pool, beach, and more for a total body workout. This totally new and unique personal exercise machine will help keep you fit and will help you and all of us transition our lives away from the currently all-prevailing human sedentary lifestyle, which contributes to premature aging and a variety of epidemic diseases. SITFIT CHAIR is easy and fun to use and is accessible for all types of people including adults and children, men and women, athletes and couch potatoes, as well as people with physically challenging diseases.


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