Beach Goers, Fitness Enthusiasts, Sports Families and anyone looking to incorporate more healthy movement into their busy lives.

We are pleased to introduce the SitFit Chair, a foldable lounge chair that integrates a full body gym. Take it anywhere. Exercise everywhere! The portable chair folds up and can be carried like a backpack with the included straps so that you can take it to the beach. Relax in the chair or exercise your core and extremities. Add weight with resistance bands on the back of the chair for ab crunches and on the bottom of the chair for low back strengthening. You control the intensity of your workout by choosing the desired weight by a combination of resistance bands. The backrest can adjust forward which allows for ab crunches at any level of fitness. Simply grab the bar over your head and pull forward all the way down, and feel the resistance applied to your abs. Pushing the backrest down allows for low back stretching and strengthening. Arm and leg tension band attachments connect to the bars above the head and at the feet to allow for arm and leg stretching and strengthening.

Exercise Everywhere. The portability of the SitFit chair allows users to work out in places they couldn’t before. Users can take the chair to the pool, beach, or park and get a total body workout. This personal exercise machine helps keep users fit and away from a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to premature aging and diseases. The chair is easy to use and is accessible for all types of people including adults, children, and people with physically challenging diseases.

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