exercise chairThank you for your interest in SitFit Chair!

We are thrilled to see this personal fitness game-changer move into production. Delivery can be expected in June 2016 and there are two ways to pre-order your SitFit Chair:

1. You can donate $250 today by PayPal. It's safe and convenient and you'll be among the first to receive this amazing chair, just in time for a summer of Sit Fit fun.

2. Visit our SitFit Chairrific Kickstarter Campaign!

On the Move with SitFit Chair

A day at the beach gave inspiration to SitFit Chair, a lightweight portable total exercise device which doubles as a comfortable lounge chair. This chair allows everyone, young and old, male and female, fit and unfit to do abdominal crunches against a personally chosen resistance, low back range of motion and strengthening exercises against a personally chosen resistance, and arm and leg range of motion and strengthening anywhere and everywhere. SitFit Chair is ideal for the beach, pool, hotel, cruiseline, gym, campsite, office, and more.

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